Thank you for all of your support throughout this experiment.  You have joked with us (yes, there really *is* a bridge called the Chocolate Poodle!), played word games with us (it is amazing how many creative ways there are to describe traffic congestion!) and kept us informed about what you were experiencing out on the road.  This proved invaluable to us and our Inspectors so many times as we battled through the difficult traffic conditions that have afflicted Bath over the last nine months.

What this has really taught us is that social media use in a business context can only be successful with the support and enthusiasm of its followers.  We are really grateful for all of your support and the time that you have put in to helping us improve our bus services.  We have really appreciated your comments, observations and ideas, which have been really inspiring.  Thank you!

First is now really thinking hard about how social media can help the company in the future, so hopefully this experiment will have helped in some small way to pave the way for something even better. There have already been questions raised about how we can preserve the @bathcsc experiment and in order to study its strengths and weaknesses, so we will be looking into this!

There is also the bus station archive, which currently consists of hundreds of pictures of all three bus station sites in Bath – Manvers Street, Avon Street and Dorchester Street.  A bus station is very much a community object, and one of our personal projects is to document the buildings and the human stories attached to them.  At the moment, we are not clear what form this archive would take, but if you have a story about the bus station that you would like to share, or you would like to be involved in a community project to document this aspect of our transport heritage in Bath, please email us.

First is still dedicated to listening to you and can be contacted by email at or by telephone on 0845 606 4446. There are still real people working at the Bus Station itself, running around trying to fix any problems and deliver you a great service.  We hope we have given you some insight into this, which will help relieve the stress a bit when there are delays.

We will be saying thank you in person for all your support over the last nine months of this experiment in the Travel Shop at Bath Bus Station today between 13:00 and 15:30.  There will be sweets!

Thank you again for being involved! 🙂