It is with huge regret that we have announce that we have to suspend our recent experimental social media work, due to economic constraints.  This includes the blog, the @bathcsc Twitter account and our Bath Bus Station Customer Services Facebook page.  

Unfortunately, due to the current economic climate, First is having to make changes to its business structure.  As part of making the company more cost efficient, the Customer Services function for Bath Bus Station will now be handled by a specialist, area-wide centre based at Exeter.  As a result, the local staff here at Bath Bus Station will be reduced in number and sadly there will be no resources available to maintain our recent social media activity.

We will continue to respond to comments and queries until Friday 26th June.  We will leave resources, such as this blog, online for everyone’s reference, which we hope will be of use to you all. 

After 26th June, if you require any advice about our services, or wish to make a comment about any aspect of our operation, you can still do so by telephoning 0845 606 4446 or by emailing  Your comments will still be fully investigated and taken very seriously.

We have very much enjoyed interacting with you all through social media and hope that you have all found this useful and enlightening as you used our buses.  This experiment has been extremely interesting for us and we hope that First will be in a position to consider this approach to Customer Services again in the future, when the economic climate allows.

In the meantime, thank you so much to all of you who have supported us.  We hope you continue to enjoy using First buses in Bath! 🙂